28th Annual - February 19-20, 2024

The 28th Annual Swanee

The Swanee

Stream: https://www.youtube.com/@GriffsTV

Format & Rules

Format & Equipment

• 9-Ball, Double Elimination, Races to 8 on winner's side, races to 7 on loser's side

• Final match will be a race to 11.

• No jump cues – you may jump with your playing cue.

• No soft breaks (this will be at the tournament director's discretion)

• Alternate break, rack your own (checking our opponent's rack is allowed)

• 9-Ball must be racked ON THE SPOT, 2-ball in the back

• No break box, no 9-ball breaks (9-ball spots, breaker continues to shoot)

• 3 foul rule is in effect – opponent must be notified and acknowledged when on 2 fouls.

• 9' Diamond tables, Aramith Duramith Balls, Diamond Measle cue ball, Outsville Accu-Rack

Miscellaneous Rules

• Push-out is allowed after the break – please clearly announce to your opponent.

• Cue ball fouls only unless 2 or more object balls are disturbed.

• Any object balls off the table, stay down and do not spot up, except for the 9-ball.

• Three consecutive fouls are a loss of game – you must notify your opponent when they are on two fouls.

• Headphones are not allowed. Medical devices are permitted.

• No practicing between matches – each player get one rack of practice before the scheduled match.

• Once a match has been called, players have 10 minutes total to get the match started. If a player does not show up, they will be "put on the clock" for 10 minutes. If they still haven't arrived within 10 minutes of being "on the clock", the match will for forfeited.

• If you want to change shafts on your playing cue, please inform your opponent that you are making an equipment change. Breaking down a cue will be considered a concession of the match.

• Players must track racks on the tablets provided and submit the final score when completed. This reports directly to the tournament director automatically.

Dress Code

• Relaxed but must appear neat and clean.

• Collared shirts are not mandatory but are recommended and appreciated.

• No open-toed shoes, no excessively baggy pants, no sweatpants, and no sagging.

• Hats are permitted (forward or backwards, not sideways)

• Wear as many sponsor logos on your person as you would like.

• Please look respectable and consider that you might end up on the stream table(s).