5th Annual - Sept 29-30, 2023

5th Annual Sam Lenschow Final 8

The Final 8

The 5th Annual Griff's $1000 580 & Under Tournament in honor of Sam Lenschow was held at Griff's Bar & Billiards on Friday, September 29th & Saturday, September 30th.  There were 40 players participating with first place taking just over $30,000 in prize money including both WTA & Top 4 Side pots.  

The finals came down to a hill-hill match between Phong Nguyen & Michael Duffy!  The players opted for a chop and played one final game for the win.

1st: Phong Nguyen
2nd: Michael Duffy
3rd: Michael Toohig & Tim Benally
5th: Susan Williams, Doug Jennings, Ricardo Diaz, and Kenneth Lescano